The Smart Ass Friend

It always helps to have that ONE smart ass friend. The one who will not take “no” for an answer, the one that likes to “get your goat”, but also the one that will not give up on you. EVER.

One of my (our) very close friend’s stopped by despite my “not right now, my house is a mess, I am a mess and I just don’t feel like it.” He wouldn’t take “no” for an answer. He didn’t care how I looked, what kind of state I was in, or what my house looked like. He and our other good friend wanted to visit our family and say Happy Birthday to our daughter.

I certainly cannot deny them that!

It was aIMG_1354 GREAT thing, too. They brought all three of us one of these! (Yes, there is a bite right out of it).

By the way, they also didn’t mind my blubbering as the tears started to flow. I am grateful that despite my anxiety at the moment, I have friends (and chocolate) that care. Especially… the one that is a smart ass. He introduced me to my husband. So, he’s a keeper, too.

~ Crys


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