MY Metal Chicken & Exceptional Coloring Book

Have you ever found something that just made you smile? No, I am not talking about a brand spankin’ new BMW (Volvo would be my thing), or a trip to Disneyland (Germany would be my thing). I am talking about little things that just make you say, “this makes me happy.” I have two such things that happened upon my life the last couple weeks.

While I am a little late on the uptake about thebloggess‘, Beyonce. I am now a new owner a slightly “smaller” version. Yup… I did not set out to buy a chicken (rooster). I happened upon it, it was cheap and thought, why not? I love Jenny Lawson and this makes me happy. Plus, it just makes for a grIMG_1443eat conversation piece.

I snagged my little 2′ chicken (rooster) and brought it home to my napping husband. I carefully placed it on the pillow next to him. I was on the treadmill when he came in and said, “now that’s a big metal chicken!” Wahoo, it was a great day.

— Here is the link to that blog post if you don’t understand the story of Beyonce and-thats-why-you-should-learn-to-pick-your-battlesIMG_1366

It was on The Bloggess site that I found my second happy item. An Exceptional adult coloring book by Jen Meyers. As she says, “totally inappropriate”, but I say, “oh, hell yeah!” It’s fun, cheeky and makes you feel like a total badass. Insert parental warning, it’s R rated. If you need a great laugh, a confidence booster and a way to decompress, this is the one. You will have the gusto to dive right in and color!

On another note…I think Jenny and Jen need to collaborate and make a coloring book that’s more fun than this…. (which was also being sold at the store where I found my rooster).  IMG_1434

Have a fantabulous day!

~ Crys


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