Realizing what’s right in front of me

It’s Saturday morning. I am setting new goals for myself as I seem to focus less on my symptoms if I have forward momentum.

So, today, my first goal is to switch my Gratitude Journal to the morning instead of the evening. Why? It really sets the intention for the day. Mornings are for most people, including myself, when anxiety is at its highest. The hard part, I am switching from only writing only one to three new things each day.

The concept of this is not new. However, I’ve been listening to Tim JP Collins while on my “dreadmill” and he reminded me of this practice. (By the way, podcasts are EXCELLENT while exercising).

Realizing what’s right in front of me today and what I am grateful for:

  1. My daughter slept past 8am! (that’s a record)
  2. Made biscuits and honey for the hubs and daughter (I may have snuck one in which means I must get a run in on the “dreadmill” today).
  3. I had a butterfly land on my hand while I was putting fresh food in their enclosure. (We raised 7 caterpillars, watched them create chrysallis’ and then emerge as butterflies. We will be releasing them tomorrow.)

    Common Buckeye 

So far, it seems pretty easy. It will be interesting to see if I can name different ones each day.

What I hope to gain is just a new perspective. Looking back I was so busy that I stopped being thankful for the little things. I was too worried about the future instead of being here and now.

By the way, one of my other goal’s and my homework from my therapist…get my a$$ back to running! I have been exercising at home, but I need to get out in the air and breathe. Baby steps, baby steps… I will, however, be back! Look out world!

~ Crys



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