Stop judging me. I’m already judging myself enough. And I’m fine. Except that I’m surrounded by rats. The usual.

Source: Stop judging me. I’m already judging myself enough. And I’m fine. Except that I’m surrounded by rats. The usual.


So it’s been a while…

I really need to get back to writing. (even though I only have a few followers at the moment). Honestly, it is very cathartic for me and I can tell a HUGE difference in my anxiety when I do write. Let’s call it what it is, a distraction.

Distraction can be great. It’s not the way you handle the things that started your anxiety, but it’s a way to combat your anxiety sensitivity. If you are like me, you know what led up to the anxiety, but that is so far removed from your mind at the moment. You are in the vortex of hell…what is called the anxiety circle. You are anxious about being anxious now.

So, here you are. Dealing with not only what led up to this nasty little creature, but it’s torturous game of hell. Washmanaging-exam-anxiety, rinse, repeat. One minute you think you have a foothold, the next minute you are sliding back into the pit. Wash, rinse, repeat.

You and I WILL find our way back. We will climb out of the pit stronger than before. Until then, use the tool of distraction to make you “feel” better. Anything that will make you stop scanning your body for every little blip or feeling. It certainly helps me. And, I know that one day, I will be over the fear OF fear. I will stop giving it so much leverage in my life.

So here ya go…. (and, yes, most of these are cliche)

  • Write (even if it’s one word)
  • Watch funny videos on YouTube
  • Watch funny shows (I LOVE Reba, Everybody Loves Raymond, Golden Girls, Big Bang Theory, Friends, etc)
  • Get into a book series that you cannot stop reading (better if it’s mind numbing smut)
  • Find a monthly workout challenge and commit to it (I do one IN my house)
  • Gratitude journal – name three things every day that you are grateful for
  • Pray or talk to your higher power
  • Doodle, draw, paint…etc.
  • Find a goal that you REALLY want to achieve and just freakin’ do it. (last time I had a bad bout of anxiety, I signed up for a 15k. And, guess what? I trained and trained and it pulled me completely out of my anxiety for 9 years). — I have signed up for a half marathon and I will be training again come hell or high water!

Point is, do something even when you don’t feel like it and do it every day. Once your mind gets in the zone, those anxious feelings are relieved even if it’s just for a small amount of time.

One step at a time…

~ Crys



Searching for Happiness – Goals

This is a great post! I am going to definitely implement!

Searching for Happiness.png

Welcome to my new series… Searching for happiness.

Everyone I speak to, everywhere I look, there seems to be a worldly fascination with the elusive word happiness.

What is it? Where is it? It sounds too wonderful and perfectly complete to ever really be obtained. I want some, you want some. It seems that everyone out there is searching high and low for this 9 letter word.

I am among the happiness hunters of the modern age. I am among the young, inspired, wide eyed optimistically driven hopeful generation that is destined to finally find what eluded our parents and their parents.

I have been on my own journey for the past few years. Ever since I was old enough or mature enough to understand what happiness meant to me, I have been looking for it.

Looking for, what happiness means to me….

Because of our shared fascination with happiness…

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Laugh Out Loud (3)

We do not have a fancy smancy in ground pool. Nope, we have one of those 3′ ish deep pole pools. It was cheap and will keep our 10-year-old busy this summer.

With our little redneck pool came a plastic bubble wrap looking cover. It keeps the trash out somewhat, but what it DOES do is heat the pool. It’s like a solar panel that makes the water feel like you are swimming in – dare I say it – pee. Eww. Not fun when it’s 97 degrees.

My daughter and I coaxed my husband to get into the pool. He got in and quickly said,
“it’s hot! Mich, why don’t you put a spell on the water and make it cool?”

She replied, “H-O-T!”

Me, “oh geez.”

Whether that was intentional (she was being sarcastic and witty) or whether she just didn’t accurately hear him…you can’t not laugh at that.

~ Crys