Laugh Out Loud (3)

We do not have a fancy smancy in ground pool. Nope, we have one of those 3′ ish deep pole pools. It was cheap and will keep our 10-year-old busy this summer.

With our little redneck pool came a plastic bubble wrap looking cover. It keeps the trash out somewhat, but what it DOES do is heat the pool. It’s like a solar panel that makes the water feel like you are swimming in – dare I say it – pee. Eww. Not fun when it’s 97 degrees.

My daughter and I coaxed my husband to get into the pool. He got in and quickly said,
“it’s hot! Mich, why don’t you put a spell on the water and make it cool?”

She replied, “H-O-T!”

Me, “oh geez.”

Whether that was intentional (she was being sarcastic and witty) or whether she just didn’t accurately hear him…you can’t not laugh at that.

~ Crys


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