The Standard Intro…

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Hi there. This is a work in progress, as I am also a work in progress. Who isn’t, right?

Therefore… “It’s Time To Begin..” (thanks, Imagine Dragons).

Anywhoo, (well aware that is not a word, but I like it!) I am Crystal. I am a wife, mom to a beautiful girl, marathon runner, group exercise instructor, and a personal trainer. I love God, love to travel, love Germany, love Imagine Dragons (as if you haven’t figured that one out), love my Chuck’s (yes, I will be wearing them when I am 80!), love tattoos, love a good laugh, occasionally dance in my living room, and so much more.

“I am never changing who I am!” (thanks again, Imagine Dragons).

I live passionately. Sometimes, I am too passionate. Hence…I struggle from severe anxiety with a little bit of panic and slight agoraphobia (and when you feel fear for a long time, depression tries to get you, too) thrown in just for good measure. Funny thing is, with as active and healthy as I try to be, you wouldn’t think I would be. But, I have a seriously bad habit of worrying over everything. And, no amount of exercise can get rid of the repressed emotions I’ve stuffed down into my soul.

I’ve dealt with panic and anxiety since I was a freshman in college. I can still remember what class I was in when I had my first panic attack. You never seem to forget that moment, do you? Geesh. It hangs on like a bad odor.

So, today, I have decided “It’s Time” to begin a new journey. I am going to be open and honest about things. Writing has always been cathartic to me. Therefore, this blog will be a compilation of eclectic things my brain decides to purge. Mostly, it’s a healing process for me to kick anxiety in the ass AND, hopefully, help or make someone’s day a little bit brighter.

Hang tight and enjoy the ride.

~ Crys

Ps. Disregard any grammatical errors you may find, too. It’s been a while since I put my Communications Degree to use. (I hear my grandmother “tsk tsking” my ear).