Laugh Out Loud (3)

We do not have a fancy smancy in ground pool. Nope, we have one of those 3′ ish deep pole pools. It was cheap and will keep our 10-year-old busy this summer.

With our little redneck pool came a plastic bubble wrap looking cover. It keeps the trash out somewhat, but what it DOES do is heat the pool. It’s like a solar panel that makes the water feel like you are swimming in – dare I say it – pee. Eww. Not fun when it’s 97 degrees.

My daughter and I coaxed my husband to get into the pool. He got in and quickly said,
“it’s hot! Mich, why don’t you put a spell on the water and make it cool?”

She replied, “H-O-T!”

Me, “oh geez.”

Whether that was intentional (she was being sarcastic and witty) or whether she just didn’t accurately hear him…you can’t not laugh at that.

~ Crys


Laugh Out Loud (2)

I watched The First Wives Club yesterday while on the “dreadmill”. It nearly caused bodily harm…to myself.

Now that I think of it, funny movies should also come with a disclaimer that says, “do not operate heavy machinery while watching this funny movie.”

So, now I share with you the part that caused me to nearly fall off my “dreadmill” because I was hysterically “snort” laughing.



Isn’t that also the classic face of Diane Keaton? It’s hilarious. (Watch the part where Jack Nicholson walks in on her while looking for the kitchen in Something’s Gotta Give).

Anywhoo, I hope it made you smile on this Friday.

~ Crys


Laugh Out Loud (1)

Daughter: Are we going to the store, Mom?

Me: Yes, in a minute.IMG_1378

Daughter: Can I take Queen Elsa?

Me: I don’t care, but she only has one foot.

Daughter: It’s okay. She can walk on one foot.

Me: In my head, “Good point. Yes, yes she can. So positive, my little girl.”

~ Crys

Ps. Elsa has on Barbie clothes. To which when I asked why she had on Barbie clothes I got, “I dunno.” Typical