Let that shit go…or not (2)

Holy Moly…. I have a husband listening to his iPad without headphones WITH the news on in the living room. My daughter watching tv and reading OUT LOUD in OUR room. I am in the kitchen trying to make dinner with frayed nerves because of sensory overload.

Geesh people. Can you at least find my headphones for me?

~ Crys

Ps. Thanks for letting me vent. This got my mind of the noise for a second. 🙂



Let that shit go…or not (1)

First, this doesn’t keep me up at night, but it sure as hell gets on my nerves every.single.time.


I mean, really? I get it, sometimes….SOMETIMES. But, come on, you have to admit this is a bit over the top.

If you question whether or not I returned it to it’s rightful cart return area…ABSOFREAKINLUTELY! And, do I return other stragglers? If they are near my car or in my vicinity, yeppers!

~ Crys